Aging WBC’s: A Quick Boost for Health With the New Mechanism to Temporarily Activate Them

Aging is a process that we all have to go through in a sense, it’s not so bad. Looking at aging from a health point of view, however, you would want to delay aging if you only could. Together with age come conditions that spring from weakened immune system. With white blood cells being deactivated by the batches, you also become prone to numerous diseases. Looking at it on the other side of the spectrum, deactivated white blood cells has a great purpose. When this process happens, you have the ability to keep the evolution of certain cancers at bay.

As reported by news medical, through research performed by the Biotechnology and Biological Science Research Council under the leadership of Professor Arne Akbar of the University College London, it has been discovered that there’s actually a new mechanism that is controlled when white blood cells deactivate in old age.

While the purpose of this study isn’t to reactivate white blood cells in aging and keep them activated for the whole lifetime of a person, it gives us new hope in case we need to boost our immune systems as we get older. Before, it was thought that the telomeres, the caps on the ends of these cells caused the deactivation but now it was known that it’s actually something else. With this development, insurance coverage for the senior in the future may require every 65 years and older to undergo white blood cell activation to increase the immune system.

We all have strength in our immune system to keep us from getting sick when we’re younger. However, our defenses break down and get weaker as we get older. Through the findings that there is in fact a different mechanism that deactivates white blood cells in seniors, there may now be a way to activate them temporarily and trigger a short boost of immune system.

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