Skin Infections Slowly Creeping in as Most Common Cause of Child Hospitalization

The number seven doesn’t necessarily always pertain to something lucky. Recent studies have found that skin infections are now the number seven reason for the hospitalization of young people. Soft tissue infection due to Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA, which has almost always been seen on older people, is now something that plagues children and teens. In this study conducted by UC Davis, this is mostly due to parents not recognizing the possibility that their kids can get MRSA infection in and around their homes.

Through these findings, it has also been found that severe skin infections have made the biggest leap of reasons why children and teens are hospitalized. This is mainly because of the way that physicians treated MRSA in between the periods of 2000 and 2005. With a little bit of awareness and education of parents, hospitalizations due to this can quickly decrease. As a parent, you would have to take measures to prevent your kids from getting MRSA infection. It’s as simple as handwashing.

Although the prevalence of MRSA is quite alarming, there are some figures that can make us rejoice. It’s been found that there’s a significant decrease in drug poisonings in teens which goes hand in hand with lower suicide rates. It’s also been found that teen hospitalization due to pregnancy is down by 25% since 2000. Medicaid, which is healthcare coverage that pays for children’s hospitalization nationwide, has also been found to have a gradual increasing role in the health of children.

You can get clues when you read on the trends about hospitalization most specifically on kids who are highly vulnerable to catch diseases. Also, this can enlighten you to the importance of having healthcare insurance. If you haven’t already gotten coverage for yourself and for your family yet, now is the best time to secure your lifelong savings to disappear in thin air due to hospitalization.

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