A New Gout Drug: Severely Affected Patients’ Chance to Health

According an article by Dr. Ananya Mandal of News Medical, for sufferers of gout, an effective treatment has arrived. Among all the people suffering gout (about 6 million of them living in the US), there’s a small fraction who doesn’t get better with usual treatment. The usual treatment of drugs such as Lopurin and Zyloprim has no effect on 3% or about 180,000 of gout sufferers. With research conducted by the Savient Pharmaceutical Company, these 3% have much to celebrate. With their new drug Krystexxa, they can get the relief they were looking for. In the study, people suffering from seemingly untreatable gout have fewer symptoms with the use of the drug.

Gout as you may possibly know is one form of arthritis. It occurs when uric acid that’s generally excreted from the body in urine accumulates in a person’s joints. Uric acid then forms crystals that cause severe swelling and pain for the patient. With the use of the Krystexxa drug, uric acid levels fall quickly. Further studies would have to be conducted about this drug since the effects are only temporary. However, on an average, patients who get a Krystexxa treatment compared to patients who get the placebo have seen a great improvement in their condition.

If you’re one of the people suffering from gout and you experience no kind of relief with drugs like Lopurin or Zyloprim, it’s a great time to keep your fingers crossed. However, with a drug that would cost you something like $5,000 a month, you’re going to need drug coverage for this medication when it becomes available in the market. This is also in the hopes that the drug will be improved to provide best results like total relief from pain – at a longer period of time. Gout is a very serious and disabling condition. When nothing else works, you can get Krystexxa with the right kind of health insurance coverage.

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