Fat Around the Heart: May be the Early Sign of Atherosclerosis

There are so many people being affected by heart disease and in every 60 seconds, one person dies of a heart attack in the US alone. With this mind-boggling figure, we have to be vigilant about our health. Before, the most common indicator of heart disease are body mass index and waist circumference but then as one study goes to show, fat around the heart is a better way to see if you are prone to coronary diseases. This study was conducted by the Multi Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis and reported by RadiologyInfo.com.

Although there are many studies conducted to look into the relationship of atherosclerosis and pericardial fat, this is the first to actually point out the connection of pericardial fat and the coronary artery on individuals that don’t exhibit any signs of coronary disease. Although they don’t show any sign and symptom of coronary disease like the narrowing of the arteries, they have significant amount of artery plaque which significantly increases their risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases like hypertension. This coronary plaque can be detected through magnetic resonance imaging or more known as the MRI.

If one side of the artery is thicker than the other, this is an indication that the patient has heart ailment or an early stage of atherosclerosis. Through lab tests like computed tomography, fat volume can also be determined. Knowing that you have atherosclerosis way before it goes beyond control; you’ll have longer time to find ways and methods for treatment.

Late detection of coronary diseases can mean that you have to go through invasive surgical procedures which can put you on a life threatening situation. You can save yourself from a lot of trouble if you undergo lifestyle modification as soon as possible. Having health insurance plans that covers MRI of your artery can be the best way to check out your risk of acquiring thickening of your arteries without burning a hole on your wallet.

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