The Medicare Advantage plans Texas are an important part of the traditional Medicare policies, and is also considered the best alternative to the original medicare. If you enroll yourself for a medicare advantage program, you will enjoy various supplemental health insurance coverage benefits in addition to the Medicare Part A and Part B coverage’s. Read more to learn about the eligibility and options available for Texas Medicare Advantage programs.

The Medicare Advantage plan comes as a significant part of the original medicare policy, and incorporates the coverage benefits of the traditional Plan A and Plan B Medicare plans, and other supplemental coverage as well. Any Texas resident can secure a medicare advantage policy, given that the individual qualifies the standard eligibility criteria for the same. To qualify for Medicare Advantage plans Texas, you must live in the constituency or area that has the plan, and must also have both the Medicare Plans Part A and B. However, if you are suffering from some end-stage renal disease, you may not qualify for the same. But a plan cannot drop you if you are diagnosed with the disease while already being a part of the plan.

The best part with the Medicare Advantage plan is that you need not enroll for some supplemental health insurance plan to enjoy the additional benefits that are not covered by the original Medicare. The supplemental coverage’s are already included in the advantage plans, and offer you the best solution for all your healthcare needs. The standard medicare advantage options that are available in Texas include:

  • Medicare special needs plans
  • Private fee-for-service plans
  • Managed care plans like the Health Maintenance Organizations(HMO), Provider Sponsored Organization(PSO) and Preferred Provider Plans(PPO)
  • Medicare medical savings account plans(MSA)

However, medicare negotiates the contract with the medicare advantage plans every year, and as such, the plans and coverage benefits may change each year.

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