The Right Texas Life Insurance Companies

Life insurance in Texas can come from a host of Texas life insurance companies. There are plenty of life insurance companies in Texas to choose from. Not all of these companies receive the highest ratings from consumers.

Many people wind up with life insurance that they are not especially happy with. Their rates are on the rise and they feel generally dissatisfied with the customer care they are receiving.

It can be really upsetting if you find that you have paid into a life insurance plan that does not necessarily provide you with the coverage that you thought you were getting. It is also a big bone of contention to find that your premiums are constantly being increased.

Doing business with the right Texas life insurance companies really comes down to your source. That’s right the broker that you use for your life insurance in Texas will make the biggest difference in whether you get what you need from your life insurance.

The Broker

The insurance agent or broker plays a huge roll in where you wind up getting your life insurance from. If the agent is not an independent agent than you are taking quite the risk that you will wind up with a life insurance policy from a company that the broker works for regardless of the quality of the plan.

A better bet is to look for an independent agent to purchase y our life insurance from. An independent agent is at liberty to offer you Texas life insurance from many different life insurance companies instead of one or at tops two.

A good example of an insurance agency that is independent is McLain Insurance Group. Here our agents work for you. We are not tied to a particular insurance company. They can provide you with quotes from many different insurance companies. You can find offers for any of the products listed below.

• Life Insurance

• Long Term Care Insurance

• Medicare Options

• Annuities

Each of these products is offered through The independent agents at can provide you with quotes from any carrier that offers these plans in Texas.

Independent is the Difference

Independent agents really do make the difference not only in what they can offer you but the way they work for you. You will get the customer care that you deserve.

Personal service – The service is always personal, just like your life insurance choices.

Affordable options- The options that are presented to you are done so with your budget in mind. Affordable options for plans that can improve your life are everyday business.

Friendly knowledgeable service- The agents have your best interest always in mind. You can expect fast, free, friendly services.

Honest options – You will never have to worry that your leg is being pulled the options are always honest.

See the difference that an independent life insurance agent can make in your life. Call 1-888-737-0201 or fill out the contact form online. Get the best life insurance in Texas handed to you on a silver platter at McLain Insurance Group.