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When you get a free Dallas insurance quote from McLain Insurance Group, you are opening the door to a world of possibilities. Most people do not usually become excited about insurance but at McLain Insurance Group there are plenty of reasons to get excited about insurance.

Searching for the right life insurance product does not have to be a hassle. Life insurance does not have to be an endless money pit that you have to keep filling up. Life insurance can mean a secure financial future.

The right insurance product can save you money and help you to secure your financial future. A future that is built on the right financial decision means that you can live your golden years in style.

The Products

We are fixated on your future. We are a Texas insurance agency that offers insurance products that are geared toward helping you to secure your future.

We carry products from all the top carriers that provide insurance Dallas and other Texas residents are eligible for. All of the products below can be evaluated by requesting a free quote.

• Life Insurance

• Long Term Care Insurance

• Medicare Options

• Annuities

We will help you reveal all of your options to secure your financial future and it all begins with a free quote.

Getting Started

No one likes to think about the way ahead future. There are so many things going on right now that finding the time to gather all the information you need can seem overwhelming. This is where the professionals at come in.

Getting on the road to a secure financial future begins with a simple conversation. Our agents will help you through the mounds of information and take the time necessary to help you find the insurance product that will work for you. is a bit different from other insurance agencies in that the agents are well informed and are there for the sole purpose of helping you to make a wise insurance choice. will provide you with a free Dallas insurance quote for any product that you are considering but more than the quote it is the service that you get that really makes stand out above the rest.

Individual service- Individual service is how we make sure you get the products that work best for you. There is no one size fits all insurance planning at the McLain Insurance Group. Everyone is treated as an individual with individual needs.

Honest Answers- The answers are always honest and forthright. We will not push you into a product that is not best for you!

Dependable Service- Whether you are looking for Dallas insurance plans or Austin insurance plans you can always count on this Texas based company to bring you the best possible products for your situation.

Convenient Services- The service is always convenient. This is a no hassle way of finding the insurance that will help you have a bright financial future.

Get your free no obligation Dallas insurance quote from one of the agents at! Call toll free 1-888-737-0201 or fill out the contact form online and get started right now!